Cindy Lou

(Deborah Taylor)


Life has not been easy, sometimes more than she could bear

Heartaches by the number, she's had her fair share

A son who left untimely and now waits at Heaven's door

To welcome home his Mama and be held by her once more

Through it all she's always shown such amazing strength

Stood with courage, head held high, an admiral in the ranks


She admits her errs and failures and works to make amends

How fortunate are those who are counted as her friends

She has a heart as big and deep as all the famed Great Lakes

She'd give the last dime that she owned for someone else's sake

In Cindy Lou what you see is what you'll always get

Am I proud to be her sister, well what do you think

You Bet!


Happy Birthday, Cindy... I love you.



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