The violin sat in a dark and dusty corner inside an old and tattered case. It was one of those wooden cases; velvet lined and had been forgotten in the attic. It lay in its home with broken strings and a frayed bow. At one time it had a beautiful tone and was shiny and well kept, loved by its owner.

The Master came across this violin while searching for forgotten treasure in the home he had recently purchased. Placing the case on an equally dusty tabletop he opened the lid. His nostrils were assaulted by the old and musty scent of wood and dampness. A ray of light escaped through a boarded up window and he held the violin up to it examining the precious instrument. Most would have discarded it but the Master had an eye and saw the value of the piece through the rough finish, the broken strings and lost pegs.

Carrying the instrument cradled in his arms to his workshop he began the transformation that only a Master’s touch can accomplish. It took many days and much love to renew the finish to its former glory. He lovingly and painstakingly sanded off the old and peeling topcoat and then carefully applied a new one. He polished it until it looked new again, actually better than when it stood in the music store window sporting a for special sale sign.

Next he placed new strings on the instrument and restrung the bow. He hand carved the new tuning pegs and finally the violin was ready to be played. Placing it under his chin and raising the bow he brought it down ever so softly on the strings. A beautiful melody filled the air but the new strings would not stay tuned so the Master would stop every so often to retune her. He was patient with his treasure and coaxed each note from her. His fingers expertly played her and brought forth magnificent music.

Each day the Master would visit her and play a new song. Soon, the Master and the violin were in tune with one another. Happy to be so taken care of and loved, the violin was anxious to please her Master and would put forth all her best efforts to give him the most pleasant and endearing melodies. In no time at all the violin mirrored the Master reflecting his glory through her music.  As she allowed the Master control new melodies were created like none ever heard before.  The Master treated and held the instrument as if it were a child…fragile…irreplaceable and part of him.

A symphony of music was brought forth as a result of the tender love and care given the violin and the songs were those born of love and trust between the created and the Creator.  Nowhere could anyone be found who could play the instrument and bring forth that which only the Master could command from her.

And so the violin held a place of honor; not because of any value she possessed on her own but because she was paid for in sacrifice and undying love.


Melody of Love   (D. Taylor)

I'm an old song rewritten

And you're the melody
And if you want to play me
That's alright with me

I've been re-orchestrated
The rhymes fit into place
The rhythm is just perfect
The words light up my face

So sing and play my heart strings
Make perfect harmonies
And when our song has ended
I'll be in the heavenlies

Now I'm on the mountain
Play me over and over again
Arrange my notes to suit you
Let the rhapsody begin




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