The Moral Dilemma of Chocolate

(Deborah Taylor)


I was reading a novel called, “Friends, Lovers and Chocolate” and began thinking or philosophizing why people have such a love relationship with the delectable confectionary.  Could it be because chocolate brings akrasia, weakness of the will?   

If we know that chocolate is bad for us, especially in excess, and sometimes it is bad for us (in the sense that we can put on extra weight), then why is it we end up eating so much of it?  That suggests our will is weak.  But if we eat chocolate then it must be we think it’s in our best interest to do so, our will moves us to do what we know we will like.  So our will is not weak – it is actually quite strong, and prompts us to do that which we really want to do (to eat chocolate).  Chocolate is not simple.

 We often hear that we are weak willed but in this analogy we find we are truly very strong willed and we want to follow and act upon our impulses whether good or bad.  It reminds me of Paul’s writing  where he says that he doesn’t do what he should do and does what he knows he shouldn’t but doesn’t God call us as believers to set aside our will and do His?   (Romans 7:18)

 Like Paul sometimes did, we often fail but it is our obligation and our duty as Christ’s emissaries to pray for strength to fight off temptation, to seek a way of exit and escape and at the very least if we are not strong enough to stand and fight the sinful urge…run like Hades!  We are called to be different than the world in fact are we not called to be a light to the world?  When there are no distinguishing differences between us and the ungodly how can they see the truth and reality of God?  (Mathew 5:13-16)

 We must have a hunger for His Word and Spirit.  We must fill our minds and spirits with those things that edify and lift up the name of Jesus.  Sisters, we must be careful and diligent with that which we allow into our homes and our minds and our hearts.  Think about what you read, what you watch on TV, the movies you choose to see, the magazines you peruse, the music you listen to the talk you talk and so on.  What are the messages you are allowing into your being?  What message do your words and life portray?  Is it in conflict with what you say you believe?

 I am mindful of the scriptures about the wise and the foolish virgins. (Mathew 25:1-13)  I am trying not to be one of those foolish virgins.  I want to be a Godly woman in my actions, words, thoughts, dreams and relationships.  I don’t want satan to have one more moment of my life.  I have allowed him too many already.   Like Paul, I often fall short and I have that much desired piece of chocolate however, I don’t have to have the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.   Can I get an amen?





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