Deborah Taylor

II Corinthians 5:17

Therefore if any woman be in Christ, she is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.



You know ladies, I was thinking about all the issues we have shared during our weeks together and this illustration came to me.  Recently I cleaned out my whole closet.  I literally took everything out and put it in a BIG pile on my bed and surrounding furniture.  Once everything was out the pile was overwhelming and I didn't know where to begin and quickly realized it was going to take me more than an hour or two and might even take days to sort through it all.


I began the tedious task of trying on the clothes to see what still fit and what didn't.  Some of my favorite items now looked horrible on me.  Some were completely out of style, some were not appropriate now that I have recommitted my life to the Lord and some I just plain hadn't worn in years. 


It was hard to part with many of those things even though they didn't fit and I hadn't worn some for ages.  I wanted to hold on to them thinking I might be that size 4 again or maybe they will come back in style or I will actually go someplace to justify all those gowns and dinner dresses I had when I lived in NYC or when I entertained regularly.  They were mine and I didn't really want to part with them but the truth was there was no room in my closet for anything new that was in style, that did fit properly, that was appropriate, etc..and so I threw some things out, gave some away, and brought others to the consignment shop.


Our hearts and spirits can be like our clothes closet.  God has new things for us but there isn't room to even squeeze them in for all the junk and outdated things we have been holding onto.  We've become attached to feelings, certain beliefs about ourselves and others, lies we have come to believe, etc.  They have become comfortable to us and we own them but our Lord wants to replace those things with something new.  A brand new wardrobe.  One gift at a time carefully picked out with just us in mind.


I challenge you this week to clean out your "closet."  Make room for the new things God wants to give you.  For each one of those things you turn over to him, he will replace it with something brand new.  Let's make room for God in our spiritual closets and anticipate the gifts:  healing, joy, grace, mercy, forgiveness (both the capacity to give and receive) and all he wants to give us not the least of which will be the revelation of our own beauty. 










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