This photo is of the man in my life, my gift from God and living proof of His love, mercy and forgiveness extended to me.  Thank you Lord, for second chances. 

Father's Day

(Deborah Taylor)

 It's Father's Day and I'm reminded how I miss my Dad

All the special moments, the advice he often had

I miss the way he led me in matters of the Lord

I yearn for the healing balm of his gentle words

I always felt the princess when he looked at me

A junior version of my Mom who was his cherished queen

They say we often try to find our parent in our mate

I guess that may be true because you've got my Daddy's traits

You have his warm and tender heart, his love of Jesus, Lord

You lead me by example, you make me feel adored

Leaning on your shoulder, head resting on your lap

Feeling as in your arms I'm wrapped

Knowing that your love will always see me through

Is why when I am missing Dad, I'm so thankful I have you.


Happy Father's Day Sweetheart




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