Winter Doesn't Stay Long

(in my heart)

 (deborah taylor)


The cold creeps in wrapping itself

around the tall buildings

A blistering wind tortures

a lone leaf

tenaciously holding on to a branch

while frozen puddles make

walking a hazard


icicles drip a slow

monotonous tear

frosting the window


Winter doesn't stay long in my heart


Layers of remorse bundle me against

the onslought of a

gripping cold

old walls tower around my heart

protecting me from

winter's grasp

yet he finds entrance

piercing my heart

with an icy claw

imprisoning the warmth within

freezing me in motion


Winter doesn't stay long in my heart


Truth holds permanent residence within

and winter doesn't like a crowd

his icy tentacles try to reach

my core

but the warmth holds true

fighting back the eerie cold of

winter's disappointment

a bud of hope

reminds Winter of Spring's rebirth

and promises kept

and joy renewed

Love which cannot be subdued


Winter doesn't stay long in my heart

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