Through The Pain

(Deborah Taylor)


I prayed He'd take away the pain

But he never did

Instead He walked me through it

And held me like a kid


I couldn't see through all the rain

Pouring from these eyes

Then He took pity on me

And heard my mournful cries


He led this blind child through it all

And gave me back my sight

He led me straight to His own Word

Gave me Peace through darkest night


When it seemed that I had naught at all

He helped me rediscover

What I'd buried somewhere along my way

That He's my perfect Lover


He sent angels with a purpose

They held me in their prayers

Poets not unlike myself

Who themselves had once been there


Not one amongst them knew me

Yet they understood my cry

They read my poems, encouraged me

Now I again can fly


I can soar above the anguish

Because His Presence is ever near

Expressed through love of poets

These friends I now hold dear


So He didn't take away the pain

But shared each twang with me

And sent some loving hearts my way

To be the wind beneath my wings









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