This is one of my favorite poems.  I love walking in the rain and enjoy rolling thunder especially distant.  I like the way the earth anticipates rainfall, how the leaves turn themselves upward...thirsty...


Welcoming The Rain

(Deborah Taylor)


Gray clouds loom overhead

and threaten rain

not a soft drizzle

 a downpour...

The kind that cleanses

the ground and the soul

I tilt my head upwards

tongue outstretched

eyes closed


the twilight cast dancing shadows

 over the lake

hungry leaves turn

their faces to the sky

in anticipation

thunder rolls

promising the onslaught

lightening pierces the sky...

and the quiet

my life has been too still

I feel the first droplets

bouncing off my eyelids...

sprinkling my lashes

dampening my hair

I stretch to reach

the liquid sunshine

not wanting to wait...

until it finds me

the skies open up

the deluge begins

pure cloud juice bathing me

I dance beneath the flow

spinning in a slow circle

feet splashing in the

sudden puddles

drenched beneath Heaven's waters...

I am baptized again

and I welcome the rain


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