Cliff Hanger

(Deborah Taylor)


Climbing the rocks

finding a sure foothold

only to discover

it crumbles beneath my feet

feeling myself slipping

holding on for dear life

my fingers bleeding

as they hold on to the edge of the cliff

now dangling feet...

scrambling to find a base

 hands sweaty...

feeling them begin to slip away from

their precarious hold

rocks breaking loose

and spiraling downward

with no sound reaching me

as they seek bottom

pressing myself against

the moss covered wall

cold and wet

all my strength is used

in merely holding on

to this tenuous grip

I cannot find ground beneath my feet


finally, tired and spent

I release my grasp on what I know

and fall

and fall

and fall

and when I think the descent will never end

strong arms reach out

and snatch me

breaking my fall

Lifting me

causing me to soar upwards

as on eagle's wings

Letting go and

Letting Him







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