The Real Deal

Deborah Taylor


Today I finally smiled

not the smile that is manufactured

 the one that hides a broken heart

or veils what is really behind the counterfit

but a genuine smile

one that reached the corners of my mouth

and forced me to laugh

the smile that speaks life is good

and I'm glad I met you

the kind that makes your eyes dance

with merriment

A smile that warms the givers heart

and transcends as a gift to the recepient


Today I finally smiled

not fabricated because it was expected

Not merely out of reflex

and not even because I wanted to

but because my soul commanded it

demanded initiative of me

it took me by surprise

and graced me with relief

I felt triumphant and experienced

a metamorphis

as if leaving a cocoon after a long respite

You who brought forth this

significant miracle from my depths

I appreciate the gift

Thank for making me smile

the real deal





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