This poem was written by my sister Becky and dedicated to our sister Cindy who lost her teenage son in a tragic car crash at 17 years old.  We all miss Tommy Turtle affectionately thus nicknamed when he was still a child.   We are so looking forward to seeing him again!


She Talks To Angels

(Becky Bogart)


She's often been seen

out on the town,

Wearing a smile or

sometimes a frown.


Some say they've seen her

talking to air,

some say she's speaking

when nobody's there.


You see some time ago

she had a son,

she laughed with,

she loved with, they were as one


For some reason GOD

made him come home,

And she is still here

sad and alone.


So now when you see her

talking to air,

It's really an angel

stroking her hair..


Don't stand and look

like she is crazy.

She is just talking

to her little baby.


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