Waiting For The Groom - D. Taylor

I have been reading a book by Philip Yancey titled, "The Jesus I Never Knew."  The last chapter talked about what Jesus has left behind for his believers.  Yancey spoke about Friday's crucifixion and Easter Sunday's victory.  The joy Christ's follower's experienced on seeing Messiah alive again.  I try to imagine what that must have felt like...to have seen the Lord crucified, their hope hanging hopelessly on a cross and then the final realization, once and for all, that the risen Jesus indeed was who he claimed to be. 

Ever since God ascended back to Heaven to take his rightful place on the throne we who follow him wait for His Second Coming.  We are in Saturday mode waiting for Sunday and we are told to be ready for the groom will come.  We don't know exactly when but we do know He left us with that promise. 

On a small scale I can so relate.  My husband, after a year long search for a job in his field, found employment in another state.  The physical commute back and forth could be doable but probably to the detriment of his health, alertness during the extended drive back and forth, fatigue on the job inhibiting him from accomplishing his best and so on.  We decided he would stay close to his employment during the week and make the trip home on the weekends.  This decision was made possible by the gracious hospitality and sacrifice of his cousin and wife who opened their home to him;  God's hands with skin on them.  Much to theirs and our surprise what we thought would be a short term arrangement has turned into 10 months and counting.  Who would have thought our situation would still not be resolved and who would have thought humanity would still be waiting for the return of our Lord?

As I wait for Fridays and seeing my groom again there are things I do to prepare.  I try to make sure my schedule is clear so I am home when he arrives...waiting.  I prepare a nice dinner, I light candles, I try and make sure I look especially nice for him and I anticipate his arrival home.  I listen for his vehicle to pull into our driveway, I strain my ears to hear the sound of the garage door opening and I kind of hold my breath as I hear the turn of the doorknob opening and as I walk around the corner of the kitchen to greet him I smile my best smile.

In a similar fashion we are to prepare for our Groom, Jesus the Christ.  We are to wait with anticipation and excitement.  We are called to make ourselves ready for him and be alert to his entrance into our world.  We are asked to be vigilant and to act as a lighthouse pointing the way to Him.  I know my husband's schedule, the day and hour of his return home, but we don't know when our Lord is going to come back so we need to prepare as if each day might be THE day.

 Matthew 24:36

Matthew 25: 1-13

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