I don't know who the artist is in the above painting but sadly the work is depicting slaves waiting for their turn on the sales block.  It's a sad blight on the history of this country.

This poem was written for Oprah Winfrey by Becky Bogart



Torn from your village

Chained on a boat

Some people dying

Some left to float


Brought to a country

That damned them to hell

Sold in a market

As history would tell


Forced as a slave

To work night and day

Taking a beating

Just for something to say


Then given freedom

In a strange foreign land

No money, no food

Lord, what a plan    


A struggle to fight

For your civil rights

Ride a bus in the back

In the darketst of night


Now what I say, I say from the heart  

I did not do this, I had no part

I don't see color but you call me white

 I would have marched for all of your rights


Please don't include me in bigotry

I don't see color

I just see WE    


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